Top Tips for Removing Smoke Odors Effectively

Each year, following the destruction of a wildfire, people take their time airing out their homes and believe they have eliminated the smell of smoke for good. Unfortunately, it is then dry season or a humid day, and the smoke smell is back. If there is no established method to eliminate odors from the contents and structures, it’s normal for an odor to be present one day and disappear the next day and then reappear later.

Effective Smoke Odor Removal

In some cases, that smell coming back could trigger painful memories, like watching a building burn or a wildfire burning at night as firefighters struggle to keep it contained. This is why every restoration business like Puroclean Marysville needs a reliable removal of the smoke odor.

Repairs following a fire could be profitable and create a favorable impression on the clients. However, contractors require efficient methods and methods to rebuild or repair a structure following an incident and eliminate the smoke smell.

Here are the top strategies for permanently removing the odor of smoke from a damaged house:

Remove Visibly Damaged Items

All household items that cannot be repaired or cleaned need to be removed. This includes severely damaged cabinetry caused by an oven fire, burnt carpet, melted plastic, and other similar objects. Ensure you wear the proper safety equipment as your crew takes off the items. Items damaged by fire can release various toxic VOCs and dioxins.

Large objects that do not have physical damage and smell smokey may be able to remain in the house and eliminate the smell as part of the structure’s restoration, depending on the smoke removal technique.

Clean Thoroughly

Be sure to have a good degreaser and cleaners in your arsenal. To make cleaning more efficient, you can use microfiber cloths that can be reused or recycled. Then, clean the entire surface, including counters, walls, flooring, furniture, and doors. It might take several passes to get rid of all soot-based residues.

Run Odor Removal Equipment

What method do you prefer for odor removal? Equipment such as hydroxyl and Ozone, as well as products such as CLO2 and odor masking agents, are available for purchase and use.

Let’s say you’re employing one of the more well-known and efficient methods for deodorization & odor control, Hydroxyl. You should think about installing and operating these machines from the first day of the job. The hydroxyl radicals that eliminate the smoke smell from the air also disintegrate and remove harmful odors from the interior of a building.

Seal Any Surfaces As Necessary

Consider that you have many wood frames, or similar porous materials you suspect may have a distinct smoke smell. If that is the scenario, you must be thinking about sealing these surfaces in case. This is a method that is popular use on wooden beams.

Do Some Sniff Tests

Do you want to make certain that the smells are gone? Conduct a sniff test throughout the home! This is crucial when the homeowner’s possessions are returned. Check the smell of pieces of furniture and walls. Are you able to detect anything? If you believe that you have adhered to the manufacturer’s instructions for the equipment to remove odors and products. If so, you should be able to leave your house knowing that the scent has been gone and won’t return.