3 Causes of Leaks in Your Basement and How to Solve Them

A leaking basement is not something to ignore, expecting it will instantly stop or dry. Basement water can cause mold and mildew development. Depending upon where the leak lies, it may also lead to structural damage. Basement leaks can appear for some reasons. However, no matter how different the reasons are, they usually result in the same aggravating consequence. You should not ignore a leaking basement because it could damage your house. It can damage your home’s foundation, one of the most crucial parts of your property.

Causes of Basement Leaks

If you choose to protect your home from basement leakages, examining the root causes of such disasters is a great idea. Those who invest most of the year in wet areas should keep reading. These damp locations’ homes are the most susceptible to leaking basements.

1. Surface Water

This includes rainfall and water from other sources accumulated on the ground or roofing outside your property. So, you must be worried if your home is surrounded by soil that slopes towards it. Even water that falls on the sidewalk or driveway can enter your basement. They can get through the cracks and into your property and cause mold growth, so look for mold removal services to customers and businesses in Sterling to help you deal with it. 

2. Improper Roof Drainage

This means that the gutters on your roof do the contrary rather than preventing water from entering your property. This problem begins during your house’s construction when the roof gutters are not correctly built. Some roof drainage systems may even transfer water straight into the wall structures. Do not forget to advise your contractor to check out the gutters’ placements throughout the project. You can spare a lot of money in the future.

3. Poor Grading Around the Structure

Basement leaks could also be a result of loosely compacted soil. Instead of stopping water from entering your house, loose soil will enable it to penetrate. Loose soil could be hidden by a driveway or smooth area, making this a challenging issue to resolve. You will have to lift them out to improve the soil grading.

How to Fix Basement Leaks

If you have a basement leak, one of the first things you should do is call a professional property damage restoration in Sterling that can inspect the leak and figure out its source. The initial step is to identify what is leaking or how water is getting into your house. Next, you’ll need to identify your choices for resolving the issue. Caulking or cementing over an opening won’t resolve the issue. A specialist is often needed to identify the most effective restoration method.

Look for a service provider who concentrates on basement leak repair. By doing this, you’ll have access to all choices for fixing the issue. There is no reason to delay seeking this type of help. The longer such leaks are present, the more likely they will get worse and cause more foundation damage. With these problems, you are putting your property in danger. Read more info on how to solve them.

Final Thoughts

Basement leak repair is something that you should not put off. The structure of your property is among the essential structures to preserve. Cracks or moisture issues in this area can create distressing disruptions in how your home stands. This will gradually create major structural issues with your house. However, you can and need to do something about it to resolve water-related problems. You can deal with nearly all circumstances unless the foundation is collapsing.